EMPRESS Embedded Database
the  Most Reliable Embedded Database

Empress Embedded Database is the most reliable embedded database for embedded applications on UNIX, Linux, Windows and Real-Time systems.  The ultra fast, small footprint database engine is maintenance free, ideal for mission-critical applications.

Empress Ultra Embedded Database 

  • Full featured, ACID compliant, SQL database engine More...
  • High performance embedded database kernel
  • Rich APIs for C, C++, Dynamic SQL, ODBC, JDBC More...
  • On all major UNIX and Windows platforms: Linux, LynxOS RTOS, QNX Neutrino, Solaris, VxWorks, Win CE & Mobile More...
  • Scales easily: ARM, Atom, MIPS, SH4, x86, PPC, x64, Cray More...
  • 30+ years of proven reliability, " Embed It And Forget It"
  • Best total cost of ownership   More...

Encryption, Securing Data At Rest

Is your data secure? Whether it is financial transactions, patient's personal records, confidential military and defense communication, or other highly sensitive data, encryption can be used to protect and secure data. Encryption disguises data in such a way to effectively hide its substance. Get your Empress Encryption White Paper Now!

Empress Faster than Open Source

“After we saw the immediate performance improvement over the open source databases, we were sold.”
Aaron Smith, CTO, Proliphix

Proliphix, an innovative manufacturer of inexpensive Internet-managed energy monitoring and control solutions, is satisfying the growing demand for greener energy consumption with updates to its Uniphy Energy Control Solution. The faster, easier to use Empress Embedded Database beat out several open source databases Read more…

Technical News

Empress SDK for Android - Now with Empress SQLite Interface
Empress in the Cloud - Using Empress Embedded Database with Cloud Computing
Empress Expandable Mapped Files
- Efficient Shared Memory

Athenians Project - 
Building Database Driven Website is Dynamic with Empress

Empress for VxWorks 6.9 Simulator - Easily Build Database Applications for VxWorks


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November 15-17  Empress at Embedded Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) 2017
October 24-28
 Empress Embedded Database IoT solution at IPF Japan 2017
October 18-21
 Empress IoT Demo at Mechatronics Technology Japan 2017

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