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New Portal to Cyberspace

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Hopping from website to web site is a daily ritual for Internet surfers around the world. The myriad destinations are seemingly endless when you have a site for E-mail, backing up your data, chatting, another few for your favorite search engines, and others.

To simplify the process, the folks at WirePoint provide Internet surfers with an all encompassing Internet portal of services via one integrated site,

                                                                                     features daily news, favorite search engines and more
                                                     features daily news, favorite search engines and more

WirePoint offers its users a distinct, clearly organized Internet portal to a wealth of information, convenient services and a useful array of resources. Users get the latest technology, business, sports and other headline news. Services include free web-based email, web page hosting and an auctioning forum. WirePoint also connects its users to multiple travel, shopping, social, and entertainment resources.

The search engine software fueling, was created using the Empress RDBMS. allows users to conduct a search using multiple engines simultaneously. These engines include AltaVista, Excite, Lycos, Yahoo, WebCrawler and a few more. The search engine stores information about various websites, number and criteria of searches performed, and administrative data.

" At the time we were reviewing database systems, speed was our primary requirement. Compared to the last database engine we used, the Empress RDBMS gave our search engine software a serious boost in speed."
" Cost was also a major factor in choosing Empress."

- Jeremy Lynfatt
WirePoint DBA

WirePoint developers found Empress products to be quick and easy to install, use and administrate.

Powered by Empress, is a fast, easy to navigate, comprehensive web portal designed to give its end users almost everything they are looking for.


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